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Professional herbalists offer natural, holistic, herbal healing remedies, recipes, tutorials and nutritional information to help support healthy living.

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Greetings and welcome to my herbalist blog! On the web I am known as Violet and I am the site owner. I have a diploma as a Master Herbalist and am currently working to earn board certification as a Certified Traditional Naturopath.

Herbalogue is here for anyone looking to create easy, home-based natural remedies with few materials that are commonly found in stores. This blog is also for people who are interested in learning and understanding subtle ways the body works and what its core needs are to keep it healthy long-term.

I work in the field of integrated medicine; the combination of conventional and alternative therapies which have some scientific proof of efficacy. In my case I have working knowledge about natural remedies which have little or no side effects vs. synthesized pharmaceuticals.

I do not treat or diagnose complaints or prescribe a treatment to fix or cure any condition, but rather, I take an assessment of a client’s current wants, needs and priorities for improved health, and educate them about what they can do to achieve their goals for significant and long term improvement.

My resume also includes years of experience providing counseling and spiritual healing services. I believe that good emotional health is our key to good physical health.

I also believe that understanding our physical bodies through awareness and deliberate, purposeful action helps us to live pain free, effortlessly-active lifestyles.

I believe the gifts of the Universe reciprocate love, encouragement and healing. The natural way of in-taking nutrients to remedy what ails us is the way our body knows best.

It is a joy to be part of a community that is focused on personal health, healing and well-being and an honor to be able to provide services from truly well-rounded range of holistic healing modalities.

My goal as a holistic health care advisor and Master Herbalist is to integrate the science of natural medicine with the subtle energetic work of crystal healing therapy as a method of providing more complete healing for mind, body and spirit.

I offer consultation services at competitive rates by phone, chat or by email. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Peace and good health to you!